Our Mission

At Red Earth Innovations, our mission revolves around placing Family First and taking immense pride in our work. We understand the significance of family values, and this ethos permeates every facet of our New Product Development journey. With unwavering dedication, we channel our passion into crafting innovative solutions that not only elevate businesses but also enhance the lives of families and individuals. Our commitment to excellence drives us to consistently create products that we can be proud of, ensuring that each endeavor is a reflection of our values and a testament to our relentless pursuit of quality. Through our work, we aspire to make a lasting impact that resonates within families and communities, all while nurturing an environment where both our team and clients feel like an extension of our own family.

Adam Carter 



Adam is a seasoned visionary in the realm of product development with an impressive track record spanning over 15 years. His multidisciplined expertise encompasses design, engineering, sourcing, along with supporting patent and product liability law. Adam's track record is a testament to his unwavering commitment to delivering unmatched innovation, underscored by a multitude of awards recognizing his groundbreaking contributions. His commitment to every facet of the product development lifecycle, from conception to market, has not only driven success but has also set new standards for excellence in the industry. Adam's wealth of experience and holistic approach make him an indispensable asset, ensuring your product journey is guided by a true master of his craft.